Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology (GeoSTM) launches with Latvian Standard (LVS) the development cooperation project "Improvement of the Georgian standardization: support for the development and maintenance of the Eurocode's design system". The aim of the project is to provide support for the improvement of the Georgian standardization system in the construction sector by strengthening the coordination of the common standardization process, ensuring the exchange of experience and skills on the adoption of Eurocode standards, accessibility and development perspectives and promoting stakeholder participation in standardization.

Within the framework of the project the following activities will be implemented:

· Sharing the experience by Latvian experts on the implementation of Eurocodes in Latvia;

· The development of national annexes, examples of best practices in their maintenance and application;

· The promotion of SME participation in harmonizing standards;

· Meetings and discussions with the representatives and experts of the LVS, the Ministry of Economics, the State Construction Control Bureau, the Latvian Association of Civil Engineers and construction companies are foreseen.

As a result of the project, it is expected that the systematic work on the implementation of Eurocodes and national annexes based on the developed and approved work program will be restored and maintained in Georgia.

Active work on the approximation of the national standardization system to the EU standardization model in Georgia began in 2006, when the transition to the adoption of technical regulations and standards developed in Europe was decided at the national political level to promote the competitiveness and growth of the national economy. Such reforms were also foreseen in the field of construction, as one of the tasks of moving forward to Eurocode standards in the design of building structures. The initiated process marked the abandonment of Soviet technical norms and standards, from the mandatory application of standards in favor of voluntary application.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and launches by the delegation from GEOSTM during their  study visit in Latvia (20-24 August of 2018 year).